Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to anyone who is still checking this blog!!! 

We are sorry that we've totally slacked off with the posting and have turned to facebook for ease of uploading pics and videos! Blogging takes bloody ages, and time is fun (not money) on Maui :)

So if you've not already, please become our friends on facebook to follow the fun :) !! There is still plenty going on........

Lisa, Darien, Ulli and I spent New Years Day 2009 swimming with literally hundreds of dolphins in Lanai. So we're gonna make our final post about the New Year Lanai adventure.

We took our friends boat to the "Pineapple Isle" to camp and see in the New Year.

Ulli gets creative with the (waterproof) camera.

Snorkeling around this shipwreck was the first stop. Darien and Ulli decided to scale the 40 foot bugger to check out the concrete deck, kitchen, freezer room and other erie areas of the 1940's tanker. 

One should always take the time for a wee stop to admire the views.

This deserted beach was our surf spot.... looks like a picture from the 70's! What a sweet ride our rental truck was, until we tried to get it back up the hill.

With the lack of surf, we had to find an alternative source of amusement. I can confirm I have whiplash from the stunts pulled in this shorebreak.

And as if it couldn't get any better, we saw a whale breach not 200 yards from our boat on our way home to Maui. What a life! Enjoy yours.....

Wishing all of you the best year ever!! Happy 2009 !!!!!!!!!!