Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Last 2 months

Oh My God! 2 months is right. What have we been doing???? Wish I could tell ya, but 'm sure it was fun :-)

Here are some highlights, we'll let the pictures do the talking .....

First up, the out of season firing south swell was awesome. Barrel me baby (says Ulli).

What an epic couple of days.

Then some friends from Switzerland/Gurnsey arrived and the BBQ schedule got busy.

Then an out of season north swell showed up, and the wind dropped .... what a treat! Sorry no pictures of this swell, too busy surfing.

Throw in a couple of beautiful Maui hikes (bushwhacking down a cliff to get to these falls actually ... our hikes are not everyone's cup of tea!)

A talented Brazillian snowboarder prepared an amazing feast of fish wrapped in banana leaves and cooked over open coal and hot rocks in a sand pit on the beach .... heaven! The musicians busted out their instruments for entertainment, and the full moon made this Sunday(6th year!) Anniversary night exquisite!

I think there was a bit of work inbetween all of this, but it's a distant memory ;-)