Friday, October 12, 2007

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry

It's inexcuseable! Over a month!!! Obviously theres been alot going on; but we've also been without the camera as it broke so, posting would be pretty boring without pictures - kinda like porn I guess ;-) ... just kidding sorry again!!

Well, first brother Bitz came out to visit with his mate Justin and we had a blast with them. They kept us widly amused with some good grass roots British humor.

We got up to a few tricks here on Maui, including the commando hike ... which is where we kissed the first of many electronic items over the week, goodbye. We cracked on with this on their first day, just for your reference Mum, it was the one I was not allowed to take them (cause they have responsibilities ;-) We were gonna take it easy, but soon tossed that idea out the way, and after a guava fight that brought back visions of 'Nam, they were wondering what the hell they'd got in to...

So we didn't disappoint, this is a lovely not seen before "how to shove your mate up the waterfall" technique. Awesome.

The bridge gets worse everytime we go, and worried about the real possibility of it collapsing, I went first, and let them follow ;-) Mark decided to go it on all 4's less distance to fall if it all goes tits up was the theory I think ?!!

Anyway, at this point the camera bust. But to confirm that they then jumped 2 more bigger ass waterfalls and kicked some serious butt on the guava fight all the way down. Nice work lads.

After a few days of exploring the lack of female possibilities on Maui, it was time to check out what another island had to offer, so we popped over to Kauai for some serious alcohol comsumption, to add to the hiking, surfing and kiting, and no pulling ....

Six boards, six people .... easy

Waiting for pics from Mark to add some color to this post. Their cameras also went down in the fouth and fifth rounds due to some condensation and a back pack being launched into a stream ... oh well, part of the fun apparently!

So I'll add to this post when I get 'um ... stay (not too) tuned! Hopefully it won't be another month!