Monday, July 30, 2007

Face like a slapped kipper

And here's the definition of the term (thanks to "Face contorted in displeasure or annoyance, resulting in a less than flattering look."

Last week Tuesday, there were occassional whiffs of "somethings died around here" coming from the garage area. By the afternoon it had gotten worse and we were pulling out boxes and sniffing around all of our stuff in the car port. It's either a rat or one of those stray kittens I thought.

Nothing turned up after a fairly good search and sniff, so assuming it was coming from some nearby bush, gave up.

By Thursday, the smell was over powering and flies were swarming in the garage. I pulled the car out of the car port and the flies followed the car. Right, so what ever it is, is under the car. I didn't recall a big bump that you would normally associate with running someone over, so "something" must have crawled in the engine and died. GROSS. I almost lost my beans with the smell, it was disgusting.

Ulli said "I dunno, maybe Steve put something under your car, you know what they are like." Nah, I dismissed, how could they have done that....... but maybe ........ STEVE!!! I called his phone, no answer. The bastards were avoiding me. I left a couple of messages with the details adding that he and his sidekick would die if what ever is dead under my car was not removed. After a brief steak out, I busted them and all was revealed...... A rather large dead fish from the Filipino store had been tied under my car for 3 days. Bastards.......

A glorious day for Steve, here he is pictured with the offending kipper.

Any ideas on how to return the favor are most welcome. Please send them to .

Loads of good posting material from the weekend, so I'll try to keep up with it a bit more this week!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Turd Place Wiener

For this post I am totally stealing all the material from Shazza, including the excellent title. I realise now that I should have just let her do the post and directed you to her blog (which is great if you have not already visited go to The whittiest sistah I know, so her posts are always hysterical.

Anyway, the Hennessy Paddle Board race took place last Sunday, from Maliko Gulch to Kahului Harbor. The event comes as a welcome relief to break up the boredom of summer and gives us all a chance to get together and drink beer under a big tent on a Sunday!

There were several classes for lay down paddle boarding, and there was also the stand up event for men, women and kids. The race course was 9 miles (who are these super kids doing it anyway??!!!); and in the not so windy conditions it felt like 20!

Getting to the outside, upwind start line was a bitch, and I was nackerd by the time I made it out there.

Anyway, came in 3rd of 14 ladies (and the first true surf board, the first 2 were down wind only boards) so I was well chuffed, and won $150!

Ulli, my nutrionist, part-time-trainer, support vehicle, caddy and photographer was on hand (at the bar). He got the first couple of shots of the start, but after a stressful day, left it up to Shaz to provide the finish line photos!

Me and Andrea, the most hard core chick I know. Andrea kicks ass in all sports, she is a champ paddler, tows in at Jaws and charges huge, all this while raising her 4 year old daughter Keala. Andrea came in first, smoking most of the men!

GP was out on the water filming the event, so he should be posting when his computer is fixed. I think he got a couple of good shots of me falling in ;-) Check out his blog ....

Monday, July 16, 2007

Get Well Post

This post is for Mom.( a.k.a Gertrud, Gerturd, "Big G", Baerli, Traudle and some other nicknames that I can't even spell.)
She has cancer (again). First time was breast. No problem, chopped it off. This time a little more serious. In the lymphnodes.
She is going through the whole chemotherapy nightmare. And as we all have heard, it sucks.

Get well soon Mom.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

"Glorious Britain"

Well, at least that's what they claim on all the post cards and tea towels that you can buy at the seafront gift shops! But instead of the traditional stick of rock, I decided to bring back picture souveniers this time. Here is a collection of my favoUrites.

I LOVE .........

The statements of the papers. You just don't get this anywhere else do you?

The very polite and explanitory signage. Here in the US, they would just inform you of the fine, the jail time and the chapter that you can reference if you have a problem with it.

The equal opportunities. It's not just the staff that are ethnically sourced at Clapham Junction, even your cup of coffee is.

The pub names. The first of which our visiting friend from OZ misread as the "slag & lettuce"!!

The double entendres. Hopefully they are just serving beer at this one.

The radom penis names for anything & everything ...

The fact that there is no shortage of small cars that people (like my brother) over 6 feet cannot possibly be comfortable in.

This one is the "smart" car. Not too sure what is smart about it ..... it's about 13K to buy (26K usd!!), it's a go cart that will get crushed in any minor accident, no storage, no space. Imagine if you had a 12ft stand up to get to the beach?!

Finally, the British pass times. There was no sun, so no good pics of oldies sitting in their deck chairs with their sleeves rolled up, vests out, pop socks still on and hankies on their heads; but the rain did not stop these guys pumping up their dinghy, and grabbing their gear for a day of fun on the river.

(double click on these pics for the detail shots)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Bon Anniversaire!!

I am nicking the French words as it covers 2 things that relate to this blog. The man himself "Ulles" is celebrating his 38th birthday AGAIN ... having been convinced all year that he was already 38 about to turn 39. After much calculation and conversation at dinner with some good friends, we were able to confirm that he is indeed 38 today! Horahh, a free year for Ulli.

So this brings us to the second thing ... the Blog's 1st Anniversary! As it was Shazza & GP's cheap and very effective gift last year.

So no prizes for guessing who we will be posting about today.

This year, Ulli celebrated gaining a year by purchasing a stonker of a gift for himself. A new trails bike.

For those that know, he lives and breathes trials, and it's not uncommon to find him licking the bike clean after every ride. Finally we have a few action shots from him (to prove he has a bike, not another woman!). Here he is climbing a large rock.... on the bike (hey this is a girls commentary - so it's not gonna be technical)

Riding partner Francky has been doing it a while longer. Somewhat of a pro in France in his younger years. He shows off his shit here.

After a good ride, the next port of call is usually the beach. This weekend it was all about UIli, and the lens was firmly fixed on the man who complains he never has any phots taken by his wife.

A gorgeous day on the south side, can be followed by a relaxing walk on the beach .... a simple excuse to enjoy a sunset beer without the guilt after a beach walk. Last night we were treated to a rainbow or 2 to add to the beauty.

So you're not doing too badly here old man! Lets see how 38 this time around compares to the last!