Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Food for thought

Don't worry, I've not just signed up at the local church for bake sales on Sunday after Mass. But religious or not, you can't deny this isn't great food for thought. Do what you have to, to make this sit right with you, ( for eg. Shaz changes God to dog!), and then enjoy the pictures and digest the words.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

January 2nd

For most of you, January 2nd is a welcome relief, and the end of the festive celebrations. I am no different .... and the closer I get to senior citizen-ism, the more I enjoy a quiet Birthday!

It does come with a but though. I simply delay my celebrations! I reckon the 3rd weekend in January gives everyone ample time to recover from their overeating and overdrinking, before requiring more of it in the name of me.

Thanks for all your lovely Birthday wishes. They have been extremely creative and very much appreciated. Wish I could mention them all but, just to name a few ..... Ulli belted out his rendition of the Birthday Hanukkah song by Adam Sandler (on his new guitar) and my parents Gordie and Christine stuck with the traditional Happy Birthday to you on the answer machine. Plenty of others really worthy, but this one took the birthday biscuit. This is too good to not pass on, so enjoy my birthday greetings from my mental mate Shaz.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Resolution ..... New Posts!!

Happy New Year you guys!!! Guess what our resolution is ......?
To post more ? .... nope, ok just joking. Yes it is, so here we go.

As we have no new pics from 2008 yet, the archives have been raided and we've pulled out a couple of fun oldies.... Ulli's bachelor days. The reason why will be revealed tomorrow, if I manage to keep up with the posting .....

Lets start with the old inconspicuous toy transporter. Err yes I've come down with a cold and can't work today.

Voted VW's sexiest customer of '88.

Quality gear ... the board looks like the stand up board we were sailing on today (!) Retro days....

Working boy to pay for the toy!

Winter season always had the ladies screaming, throwing numbers and underwear off the ski lifts ...... apparently!!!!

Seems like he deserved those numbers, with all that airtime.

Ulli & Michelle