Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wide Angle

When I am out surfing, Ulli has a lot of time to pass while waiting patiently on the beach (!). A good time to get in touch with his creative side, behind the lens. (He's also bullshitting with friends and drinking beer of course .... perhaps this is why these shots are so good?). Anyway, here's a different perspective to the usual beach or ocean shot. Nice pics Ulli!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Concrete Waves

Hoping for a bit of southerly action (of the wave variety) we hopped over to Honolulu for a 3 day weekend.

We were ready for the big city, big lights and big waves ......

But the only tubes around were of the concrete variety.

This would have been a beauty if it was 6 foot and not inches.

So Michelle took us on a death march up to the Koolau Mountains, just below the cloud line as you can see in the picture

After 2 miles in the wrong direction, and 2000 feet later .... Ulli was over it.

But we sqeezed in some R & R on the north shore at Waimea Bay. Who could belive that this shore break in the winter could swallow your house!!!

Finally, we'll finish with another sunset in the Hawaiian Islands.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Cheers Dave!

I got a cool surprise the other day. A friend of mine mentioned that she saw pictures of me surfing " on that day a few weeks ago" on a wave forecast site. She recognised me on one or two pictures. I tracked down the photgrapher and he was very cool. He sent me the shots, enhanced (trimmed butt, bigger boobs ..... just kidding guys, he just cropped the pictures not me sorry) and originals. I've loaded a variety on this post, though I have reduced the quality a bit, (double click on the pictures for full size). He is willing to take pictures if it goes off again for a donation to his tripod fund, if you are interested contact Dave at I am totally stoked with my pictures Dave, thanks again!

Here's a sequence of me getting "dropped in" on; it's common at this place. The guy apologised when I got out of the water, he said I was getting plenty of waves, so he didn't feel too bad. Maybe, but right where he dropped in, I really wanted to hit the lip, that would have made this good ride a killer one, and probably would have been the best picture in the sequence. A good lesson though for those of you who drop in. In this photo it looks like he is giving me room, but actually he is sitting right in my sweet spot. Anyway what the hell, I'm stoked.

Finally heading for a closeout on this one.

Here is the link to the other shots that evening

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Braided Bunch

Poli Poli national park hosted this Sunday's entertainment..... Frisbee Golf. Never heard of it? Neither had we. Anyway our buddy Joey plays regularly and took us through the course. Throwing a frisbee into a basket seemed like it would be a piece of cake (but being able to throw a frisbe is a general requirement). After hitting several brush, shrubs, trees and rough we decided not keep to score but to concentrate on not loosing the frisbes.

Braides were the other requirement of the day, and Ulli was game.

Mr Big wanted to play too.

Tee-ing up at the launching pad. Lisa and Ulli discuss techniques.

Ulli takes another long drive into some thick bush.

Although stunning senery, the course was a bitch.

And Michelle spent much of her time in the rough

But 11 year old Skylar showed us how it's done.

The day ended with good friends enjoying dinner at Polli's.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Party Central

This past weekend hosted a bevy of birthday bashes. Fiona turned 30, and all hell broked loose in her small apartment, with the blender firing out margaritas faster than speedy gonzalez. The theme was "Fiona is 30 and still hot", hence the red attire. There was an awesome moonbow that sobered everyone up for 10 minutes, but not surprisingly it was not caught on camera.

The civilised early evening shot.

Every good party should look like this in the morning.

To cure the hangover we went to the beach where Super "D" was hosting his 2nd annual birthday beach bash. Every year these guys think of something new to entertain their crowd, and this year was no execption. They picked up a rubber ring from sports authority (usually towed behind a speed boat), attached a tow rope to the harness of a kiter and pumped up a big kite. Who needs a speed boat?? Brilliant!! The very talented and obliging kiter "Wes" must have turned out 20 downwind trips, to the delight of his excited riders.

A ride involved "walking" upwind (later evolving into "driving" to the next up wind beach) for maximum down wind speed.

When Wes hit the gas, it was time to hold on .....

.... because there was no mercy. He looked for every jump he could find whilst firing downwind at top speed.

The "Pinz" was waiting to pick us up down wind at the end of the beach.

Errr ... where the f*** is reverse??

Monday, August 07, 2006

It's all about me

It seems that this post was going to be about me again (yawn, boring) so I am going to do a weekly "guest post" on Ulli's blog. I should just bloody get my own eh? Can't be bothered, it's that attraction of someone else's "thing" ... always better than your own I guess.

Well, another good weekend in paradise...... I entered the Hookipa to Paia paddle race and won the women's stand up division. Must have been the tequila training from the night before ???? For $20 entrance fee, I scored more loot than I could have imagined, the prizes must have been worth at least $200. Time to get in training for the next family event (figure these are the only competitions that I have a chance of winning!!)

Racers making their way to the start.

My cute, trusty (hungover) photographer made several stops along the course to catch some snaps.

The dash to the finish line, and the beer tent.

This was a really fun relaxed event (enhanced by some killer prizes, free food, drinks and raffle) I recommend it to everyone for next year!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Curtains for Michelle

The best day of summer surfing so far deserves another posting, and this time by guest writer "the wavehog wife". Because I have such a devoted (??) husband, I have my first pictures of surfing dumps (my favourite surfing spot on Maui) and even a little video to share with you. The commentary by some random guys on the rocks makes it even more interesting as they clearly think I'm a "dude". I got shut down, unlike Ulli who got his best monster barrel ..... Anyway, thanks again Ulli for snapping these shots.... I guess I owe you? You and Sharon should go into competition to see who can take the best picture of me on a wave ;-) ... okay just joking (??)

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And, I am going to add the other two pictures for more self glorification......

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Stoked out of the wazoo!

Well, I have to say today was a damn fine day. Michelle went to Dumps early this morning and I couldn't get my tired sore ass out of bed. She calls me on the way back and says she got some of the sickest waves of the summer. So she gets back and I head down after her. Now let me explain some stuff without boring my viewers too much. I have driven to Dumps many a time in the last 5 years. It's quite a way by Maui standards. I've been skunked a lot, it's crowded as shit most all of the time, people drop in on you most all of the time so my attitude wasn't quite positive.

Well I got some of the biggest sets I could handle. Got more waves in one session than all of the 5 years of going there combined. There was no crowd and I got shacked like I've never been shacked before. Without a doubt one of the top 3 waves to date today.

So I'm stoked as shit. It's amazing what one silly wave can do to you.

The Wavehog got her fair share of waves even with 33 people out.

It doesn't count as a barrel unless you get your ass in there too.

The inside guys were killing it.

Hey Deb, there are other ways to meet guys.