Wednesday, October 25, 2006


We are poor "posters" really; but we try to come up with ligitimate excuses for you. This time we are blaming it on the move.... and also we wiped out our entire photo collection off the computer the other day! So we only have boring photos to post. Well, as we are due a post and these are some of the only photos we have, I am going to try to string this together for you.....

We had our feathers ruffled this month because we had to move. Luckily we found a place very close by, and around the corner from the beach. So after our friend reffered us before the house went on the market; and we agreed to pay an outrageous amount of rent; and put lots of time, effort and money into doing it up free of charge, the owners "agreed" to rent the place to us. The price of living in pardise!!

Here's green fingers Big G (Ulli's mom) helping with the move and yard work on her vacation!

The front yard after a dump run and some walmart flowers! Still a work in progress.

We have a beautiful big tangerine tree though, so we'll be giving these away soon!

Shagged after another day of unpacking

Even the cat was in need of some R & R !

Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy 6.5 Earthquake Day!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Get well post

This post is dedicated to our friend GP who is currently injured with a bruised kidney from a surfing incident; and is trying to take (what one can only assume to be) a very painful dump. To make you feel better GP, we have some pictures especially for you. Not only should it lift your spirits (and other things too) but hopefully all this display of ass will get some movement in your own ass going!!

Ass #1

Ass #2

Ass #3

Choose your favorite and post it in the comments!!

P.S. - sorry, but Ulli's ass photo library was wiped with all the rest of our photo collection a few weeks ago. This is the beginning of his new collection.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bitz does Maui

This past couple of weeks has seen more action than usual. Aside from the first north swell, we've had the pleasure of "Bitz" visiting, Ulli's mom is still visiting, find new home, move to new home, clean new home, clean old home, work moved office and I'm sure there's a lot that I've forgot (luckily for you ... boring!!).

Anyway, this post is about Bitz's vacation, so let's introduce him properly.

Real name : Mark Crompton
Nick name : "Bitz" .... said best in a real southern accent
Occupation : Pilot for BA
Age : 25
Marital Status : Looking for a feeeeemale (preferably one that works for BA so I (sister) can keep my killer flying benefits)
No. of holidays this year to date : 5
No. of holidays to take this year : 2 more

Here he is ....

Although there was more furniture moving during his vacation than he intended, we still managed to get out and play. The surf was good on the south side for a while, so we have some video highlights to work on. Unfortunately no still pictures.

Other non house moving related activities included bamboo forest hike

and picking up the leptospirosis disease

Hiking Haleakala crater

With no conveniences and a brother armed with a camera!

Swatting flies at the driving range

And finishing off with a beach work out to impress the ladies.

12 days went way too fast, and we pulled into the departure lounge on 2 wheels, 45 minutes prior to flight departure! As I type, he's probably running to Asda to pick up a pack of 5 undies ready for his next trip. No time to do laundry in his fast paced world. So, if you are a "feeemale", taller than 8 inches and not hairy (insider joke, sorry) send your phone numbers on a post card to:

Mark Crompton
Surrey, England