Tuesday, February 13, 2007

British Invasion

The long awaited party post is here!! God we are crap. But on with the post... The British Invasion party was in honour of our mate Shazza turning 29 and surprising the shit of of her (about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago now!) but what a fab night.

A good friend of Sharon's had set up the British Invasion surprise party, under the pretense of going to Wailuku for a "dodgy" night out with Shaz. Unsuspecting Shaz was told to "dress sexy" and pick up Chelsea at 8:30pm from her home. Little did she know her mates had flown in from all over the main land just to celebrate her birthday, and were crouched behind the front door!!

The theme (which by now you know) British Invasion was completely lost on me. I just thought it was random British people cruzing over to America and not leaving! Hence the Posh and Becks outfit for me and Ulli (the latest to invade LA).

The (wrong) word was passed on to Danny and Ian, who had the brilliant idea of ....

Give us a jig (eeaww eeaww)

Morris Dancers (you guessed it? I didn't - sorry guys I suck). True to their reputation, they continue to lead in the fancy dress world (I would love to check out your wardrobe you guys!)

Anyway, it was later explained to me that British Invasion was when all the music in the 60's from the UK came to the US. Hence the 60's look amongst the majority of the guests.

There was a good DJ, so dancing all night long.

Not the traditional way to eat cake, but certainly a more enjoyable one. Seen here, Shazza eating cake off of Sexy man Sid's chest. He thought it was a recipricle agreement last Wednesday on his birthday, but no joy unfortunately!

Then bets started getting thrown down ....

And Ian thought he was up for the challenge

These two are for GP.

My legs were apparently somewhat of a hit. Reason being no one ever sees them, I think I have worn this skirt twice and I know why, bloody hard to walk around with heels and a skirt!

Check out these wet suit tan lines!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAZZA!!! From all your drunken deliquent friends!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Last in the series

A bit late as we are now enjoying the next "Kona Winds" front. This one is with much lighter winds, perfect light off shore breezes for surfing, so you won't see any pics of this round coz we are on da woda!! So just thought I'd post the last few pics of those crazy dayz....

Anyway, let's open up with this mast high ariel off the lip from KP. Holly Shit! He landed it too, on the back side of the wave, but no points lost for that in these winds!!

Nice top turn in the critical section here

Monster chasing Robby ..... or Robby chasing monster?? I have a feeling it's the latter!

Polokow nails it every time

The chopper was getting pretty close to the action. What a pilot too ... he kept getting pushed side ways in the gusts.

For full coverage of the Kona days including the action from Laird The Superhuman, go to GP's blog at:


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Kona Mayhem Part 2...

Well, this Kona storm has been a good one. A week of insane wind topped off with a fat swell. All kinds of crazy shit going down. I finally made it back to the beach for some more pictures.

Lanes was firing all week and Kai Lenny finally got his chance. And let me tell you, he was showing the big boys how it's done.
No mistakes, picked off some nuggets, and flat out ripped the shit out of some beautiful waves.

The wind started dying. the sailors came in, and Michelle was getting that itch on her big fat hairy balls to surf The Point. I was not going to scratch that itch for her. So she went out.
First wave... two schmucks had something to prove.

No Problem. Plenty more for the taking.

"Scotty", New Zealand Olympic diver turned surfer, gets a 4.1 from the judges.