Monday, September 10, 2007

Hana Relay Weekend

The Hana Relay was last weekend and as usual no one ran since last year's Relay. In fact we didn't have a team until the night before. No Problemo! We pulled it out of our asses and made it for the 6 a.m. start with a team (almost). Steve was still in bed but made it for his first leg.

The Team minus a few.

Danny, our traditional start man takes the first leg.

Scotty in his first relay, and sporting a slight 6 pints the night before hangover, puts in a strong showing.

Michelle, (3 months after knee surgery) a seasoned Relayer, burns up the pavement.

Steve, finally gets out of bed, & does his first leg in a pair of running shoes one size too small.

I did one leg. Ran down hill, had a mild cardiac arrest, and couldn't make the uphill section.

Speed walkers, Danny and Scotty, make a smooth batten pass.

Steve stretches muscles while Michelle sticks a flag in his ass.

Danny sums up what it feels like to run three legs

Michelle takes the last leg and brings it home. It's party time!

Quick bite to eat, and crack into the cold beers.

Martina and I rehydrate.

Jamie and Nancy host a party every year.
This year was an "aquatic " theme.

And Danny didn't know what to make of it.......

Next day was recovery beach day and the shorebreak was body surfable.

Party wave.

Good job everyone.
Can't wait till next years run.
(yeah, right)


Monday, September 03, 2007

Surge Hike

Adventures with Darian #562
First find some private property to trespass on.

Scale down dangerous cliff faces.

Jump of high cliffs into ocean.

Swim around corner up to cliff faces while ocean is surging up and down.

Climb into cave and take group shot.

Hang out, snorkel with fish and turtles, enjoy day.

Hike out, have beers and snacks, try out Skyler's rip stick on busy road, enjoy sunset.

Repeat next weekend.