Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kiting is fun!

Had my first day out at lanes today. The sets, well, there were no sets if I was considering surfing or windsurfing; but with just learning the waves on a kite, they were good enough! Some chest-ies were coming through and I had a blast. I've got one 6m cult from Naish, and I have not had more than 2 days when I couldn't use it. These new kites have such a range, I just love them. It was super east and gusty today, but nothing the kite couldn't handle!

Climbing in and out of the reef attached to a kite is gnarly and I don't fancy it much, but there is no other way. Luckily my trusty kite friend Wesssss was there to help and babysit. Kiters are cool.

Only have one pic taken at Naish beach, so here it is .......

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Foiled Again

We have the best friends. I think we are very selective when it comes to choosing who we hang out with. The criteria usually goes something like this:

- do you have a boat?
- do you have a foil board?
- do you have a wake board?
- do you mind if we come?

Just kidding, we're not that shallow ... honest!! But we are bloody lucky that our friends do have all of the above!! We have been having great times lately, enjoying everything from foiling to whale watching on this nippy bayliner of our buddies Steve & Wes.

My partner in maritime crime, Lisa and I have been not so secretly training to get the boat in and out of the water, tow it and drive it ourselves, so that we can be independent to use it at anytime. It's going well, we have passed all tests except for forgetting a few important details. Like we forgot to put the plug in when entering the boat into the water (!!!); and then to raise the engine on the way out (!!!). Luckily we had our mentors watching out, as you only make those mistakes once. At least I can do the most important part with my eyes shut, as demonstrated here ... filling the cooler with beer!

Here's boat owner Steve showing his foiling skills, he's got the bucking bronko tamed like putty in his hands.

Just look at the view of the West Maui's in the background! .... err I mean looking great Steve!

On the other hand, I do not! It kicks me up, then slams me down. Apparently I've gotta work on my "trim" ... how rude. Here's a pic to make it look like I know what I'm doing ......

And a video to prove that I don't! It's just really to show it's more difficult than Ulli makes it look in the next video.

Ulli Hamilton is a seasoned foiler. He did it back in his tow in days, and so is demonstrating how it should be done in this video. I tried to upload the good ones, but they were over a minute, so this is a quickie. Kids, don't try this at home.

Wes is gettin it when he's not drinking beer. After a few beers, it's all over. He forgets to let go of the tow rope when he falls, and gets dragged for ages.

He's invented a boat bumper sticker "MADF" Mothers Against Drunk Foilers.

As the sun sets there is no better way to enjoy a beer than in the middle of the ocean with whales breaching all around you. I don't think we could ask for a better life, or friends to share our days with!

Monday, March 03, 2008


Anyone that is subject to the daily TV advertisements here in the US, for drugs that can do anything from growing a third tit to stopping your twitchy leg, will appreciate this ..... or anyone that has had a night on Tequila .... I fall under both categories, and thus have been playing this all day.