Thursday, June 28, 2007

Meet the Cromptons

Corr blimey .... It's been a while! Having just returned from a whirlwind trip to the UK, I have some good posting material. It was a bit shorter than I'd have liked, but beggers can't be choosers. At least I got to catch up with the family as we are growing in numbers!

So I'll keep this one simple, as there is a long list of chores to do on the first few days back - especially as my husband is evidently not self sufficient - and the sugar cane surrounding us has just been burnt. This means that everything in the house is covered in black soot mixed with red dirt. Shit.

So without further adooo, allow me introduce the Cromptons ......

Otherwise know as "father chumbie" from early school years (I've no idea why). Here he is in all his green house glory! The poor man's conservatory, so he says. I think even if we had a conservatory, he would still be in the greenhouse.

Next up is my mum "mother chumbie" (I wasn't the brightest kid) . The fittest of the Crompton clan, mum can be found on any given, snowy, rainy, hailing, pouring, sunny, scortching day walking 1- 2 hours regardless. Always happy to look after us whenever we visit, which is lovely, as during the rest of the year I'm the one doing the looking after ;-)

Here are my two (not so) handsome bruvers (eee). Jon the older and fatter one to the left, and Mark the younger and soon to be fatter than me, to the right. They always called me porky, fatso, porky pig, to mention but a few terms of endearment - so here is my revenge. Unfortunately they really do look better and younger than me - I think it was the angle of the lens.....

Jon's wife, the lovely Debbie joined us for this shot. A great mum to Lucie and an ex hair dresser, I made the most of her skills whilst she was watching Eastenders. She thought this picture made her head look massive. I would have to disagree, I think she looks bloody good too. Must be all that English air everyone is getting!

Here's Trouble!! The youngest and undoubtedly the cutest addition to the Crompton Clan is Lucie Beth. A complete angel, that almost had me wanting kids!! Bloody hell I hear you cry .... not to worry, I will just keep this one when she visits. Then all the hard work is done!

There are just 2 important things in Lucie's life .... football and food.

Having mastered the art of walking the day before. Footy was the order of every day, this is my kind of chick. She can launch a ball further than me!

No teeth? No problem. This girl and inhale her food faster than we can chew. The hampster cheeks are processing this banana quicker than daddy Jon can peel it!

But after a long day of play, shes still got a cuddle for everyone.

Let me hear you say ..... ahhhhhhh !!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Down Winders

Summer is in full gear and Michelle has lost the will to live. I have been having fun and hope to have more fun once I get my new trials bike. Last weekend a few of us did a downwinder from Maliko to Kanaha. Good fun and it was windy as hell.

The water was beautiful and the wind was super strong. I opted for the witch riding broomstick technique.

We took a short break where Keith Teboul talked about his board that he just made.

All photos were taken by Frankie. My camera already bit the bullet after taking a few shorebreak shots. Costco here I come.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Summer Surf

A nice little surprise today. Surf on the North Shore. I have to say I had a blast. I took the 9'0 out knowing full well I was'nt ready for the short board after not surfing for so long. Poor Michelle could only sit on the beach and take pictures.

I love hitting that closeout section trying to get vertical and snap around.
But actually, I think just ate shit on this wave.

Michelle finally took some pictures of me for a change.

After surfing the standup board for so long it makes my 9'0 seem like a short board.

Now Michelle knows how I felt after sitting on the beach all those months watching her have fun while I recovered after my knee injury.
Thanks for the pics Love.