Monday, November 12, 2007

Kauai addiction

We've been loving Kauai, and went back again last weekend in a group of 12. What a blast, we had so much fun.

This time we scored some great surf, and were out every day. The big north pumped through and we got our share for sure! These pics were all taken on the same day, same spot.

Mike kicks off with a nice take off .....

Ian follows suit .....

And Michelle, with a late drop .... in (!!) how not to make friends with the locals!! (Luckily he was very cool about it. T & A, it's the only way... ;-)

Ulli's goes for a sweet one .....

But this place was very un-predictable with size, and it ended up being a curtain closer .....

Right into mike! Look closely, he bailed his board and swam down to the depths ...

Ulli on one that held up this time ...

Mich goes for the barell take off.

Mike scores again.

Danny scores a "Bride" cap, he's stoked!

Even the SHOREBREAK at Hanalei Bay was ass kicking fun!

Great food, a keg and a yarn finished off each day at the house of "Alcatraz"

Aptly named due to the bizarre 15 foot wall of random dark stone in the living room!! Pictured here are the boys in escape mode.

The last day the macking out of season south hit, and we went for the "possiblity of missing the flight" last minute surf session. No pics, but check out GP's blog for the report from Maui ... insane!!!

Plans are already in progress for the next trip in Jan, horahh!