Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kona Mayhem...

Well the last couple of days has brought some serious Kona winds with some fat swell. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

And of course, that brought out some wind skippers.



and Naish...

I think Robby was hoping for a little more wind on the inside.

This surfer had some pretty big balls to go out, and man did he eat shit...

Friday, January 26, 2007

The funny files

In need of a new post, I decided to turn to Ulli's "funny file" of pictures. There are so many "post worthy pics" I tried to select the best and least offensive! Ulli is truly the master of funny pictures, he has such an eye for it. I always complain about the process of taking these pictures, but just love them when they turn out!!

I'm gonna start with my favorite. This was taken in Austria on a main street in St Anton. Traffic stopped both ways, and people were just hysterically laughing while I snapped the shot. It's a billboard poster for fun-derwear!!

The fields of glory in the Haleakala crater

Tee-(th)-ing off at the driving range

It's a tough life in Maui

I complained like hell when we pulled off the side of the road in Utah's National Park to take this one, standing there with my tongue out looking like a complete knob (! excuse the punn) but look at the results!!

When photo shop and chop gets into the wrong hands, the results can be scary!!!

Take a bow and continue the good work Ulli !

Monday, January 15, 2007

Sunset Sesh

The sunset sesh was held on our front yard the other day. After several days of good conditions on the water, we retreated back to the homestead before dark, and were treated to this!

Setting the stage at the Ho...

Usually I would be here till dark like this guy will be.

But we were at the beach most of the day, so we went home to relax and enjoy watching the sky turn red.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Weekend Update

Saturday was windy as hell and then Sunday was barely enough. That's winter in Maui folks. Well that didn't stop Wavehog from going out and picking off a few waves.

The wind was really east and light and most people didn't have a great time. Wavehog seemed to have enjoyed it.
They say attitude is everything. My attitude is everything but positive when it comes to light offshore wind. But when it comes to spiders my attitude is jump on the table, pull my skirt up and scream.

The cane spiders have been taking over the house lately. Now I don't mind spiders normally, but these are not normal spiders. At least they aren't as bad as the tarantulas in the Dominican Republic that used to come in the house.

Face to face with the beast.

For a funny spider video check out this link

Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Directions

Well Saturday has brought some serious wind and east swell so I decided to give windsurfing another go. The Wavehog finally got a picture of me.

Now looking at this picture you might think that I had a fun time. Wrong! The conditons were actually shitty. The wind was really strong with gusts over 30+ mph. I tweaked my bruised rib from last weak again (wasn't quite healed). And to top it off I blew my fin off my board coming in through the channel. The same channel I've sailed through a hundred times.

So it's time for new direction. Back to my old love, Soccer and my new love, Trials . Went to Sports Athourity and picked up some goods.

Another guaranteed source of fun is my trials bike. Hopefully I'll get some posts out on this baby soon

So I'll stick to surfing and all the other fun stuff there is to do on Maui, but for windsurfing, I'm going to have to give that shit a break.
Now all of you in blogland might think that Ulli has a negative attitude about windsurfing, Well, your absolutely right. If you want to read something positive please feel free to read my friend Giampaolo's Blog: http://mauisurfreport.blogspot.com/
There you will find all the positive windsurfing joys of life no matter what the conditions are.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

HAPPY NEW 2007!!

4 days late ... well it is Crompton - Walger's blog so surely it's to be expected!! Hope you had a fab New Year, however you chose to celebrate. If Ulli could have had his way, he would have been snoring at 10pm, but he married the wrong girl for that so like it or not he was out till 3!

We started the evening with a few hiccups, including a couple of closed restaurants and roads due to a burning car - local style fireworks! But the great thing was it turned into a totally impromptu evening.

I finally put a dress on (I think probably the only time in 2006), and with the help of my mate Shaz, got kitted out from head to toe for around $30 bucks!!
Ulli was also spiffed out, but I think we need to invest in a cheap iron for these infrequent occassions.

We started by crashing Martins evening swaree with the intentions of staying for a couple of glasses and an hour.
Pictured here with the lovely Shaz, a fab friend and fellow "old country" sistah.

and ended up toasting the New Year In!

Great fun, but it was time to .....

So we trotted off to Rays for a few hours of great music, dancing and champers. No photos of this - fortuanately - as we were not looking very attractive in the wee hours.
All photo credits go to Shaz, as we forgot our camera again! Thanks Shaz!!