Monday, August 18, 2008

A week in SF

I just got back from a work week in SF ... my first visit to California that lasted more than an overnight in a grotty airport hotel. I was stoked to be visiting SF actually, as I'd heard it's a really nice city. So under the pretense of work, and a paid ticket, I packed my bag (plural on the way home!) and trotted off for a week in silicone valley! You choose your type of silicone......

One gorgeous, impecably kept home after another line the streets of Palo Alto, my base camp for the week, where I roughed it out o
n baked beans and Ambrosia Devonshire Custard (catered in just for me!). This is the historic house of Palo Alto, built in 1912 (or so), and typically American. Wonder where the flag is though?

I did actually work pretty hard (in comparison to the usual schedule anyway), but I took every opportunity to get out and explore the area. My daily morning run took me all over town, and usually after a few blocks I would inadvertantly end up back at the house - ground hog day. Anyway, I decided to check out Stanford Uni on one of those runs and couldn't believe it! First I thought I'd turned up at the University Church. 

All the buildings were impressive actually. Go to a Uni in the UK, and you won't be seeing anything like this. Mind you, you'll also save yourself about $30K.

Another run took me past the Tesla dealership. I just had to take a picture, and thought if I  made a tit of myself, I'll put on my best British accent and attempt to look like Royalty. This is a custom made car, and perhaps one of the dudes behind it is the customer??

Interestingly the only dealerships that had not shut down on this particular stretch of road were the Tesla and Fararri showrooms - do those cars run off chip fat now too??

What I have noticed when I visit different places, is a need to get out into open space. All the neighborhoods with their lovely tree lined streets make me somewhat claustrophobic and so a trip up to Portola Valley was just what I needed.

Ahh, space, nature and a view (I inherited the view obsession from my dad I think. Sadly the view picture of the valley will not upload!) ... almost as good as getting the gills wet in the ocean!

Next post will be of my adventures in San Fran, stay tuned........