Tuesday, June 24, 2008

5 reasons to Kite

1. Entertain the beach by throwing tricks in the shorebreak ..... in flat, & otherwise boring water.

2. Getting big air ..... from flat, & otherwise boring water.

3. Boosting huge air over a bunch of rocks ..... off flat, & otherwise boring water.

4. Throwing down some spray.... ..... in flat, & otherwise boring water.

5. Cute guys on the beach and ..... on flat, & otherwise boring water.

Props to Wes for throwing it down in a 10 minute photo shoot and not looking too bored as we re-live our remedial kiting experiences in the post kite beach expression session.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Surf's Up!

Wow, what a great swell! The decent waves lasted almost a week and we have been enjoying the ride!

If you double click on this photo, check out my wig!

Stand up is fun, but the boards are a bitch to carry.

I was enticed back to the beach.... To find Oly checking his Linford Christie "Lunchbox" was still in tact! (still not sure about the pertruding black string??)

And clearly "expressing himself" on and off the water.

OK, look at the tan lines - he doesn't only wear this kit on the water (phew!) Apparently it just keeps everything "in place" under the wet suit. His wife says "but just because it's on the blog does not mean that this kind of wear is acceptable!" in a Swiss accent ;-) agreed Renata, agreed!

The real reason I came back to the beach....

Getting creative with beer & camera (Ulli of course)

Do we get a tax cut if we surf?

Finally, one of my fav waves firing last week. Here comes a set .....

A surfer is covered up, this time by whitewater.

Living like millionaires ..... only the bank manager knows were missing a few 0000's

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Streak Out!

Coming from England, one would think that I would at least have an understanding of cricket. Sadly the only knowledge that I have of the game is that people streak to break up the boredom.

Imagine my delight when I found out that our good friend Aussie Matt was arranging a cricket match with a team from Honolulu. Never would I have thought that I'd be watching my first ever game of cricket in Maui, let alone streaking through it! Although the game was pretty serious, they took it like great sportsmen!

Danny didn't have the balls, figuritively speaking, to join me on the pitch.

So I had to go solo.

AAAAAAnd gotcha Ausssie!

Apparently some of the teammates thought my boobs were real!

And finally the real reason why people watch cricket.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sunday "Fun Raiser"

Summer on the north shore is as flat as my chest, but that's nothing to get down about. It's actually one of the things I love about Maui .... there is always something to do here no matter what. We had a bumper day last Sunday Funday completing the triathalon of summer fun activities.

First up, a mountain bike ride in my favorite place, Makawao Forest. It was beautiful up there and my good friend Renata from Switzerland braved my crap, Paia dirt crusted bike and clip on shoes that were too big for her in the name of fun, to experience the forest. We had a blast. And we are waiting for her picture to post .... ;-)

Next up the SUP downwinder, which has become something of a ritual every Sunday. Everyone with a board is welcome and we set off from Tavares at 1pm and head down the coast to Kite Beach. Check out GP's blog http://mauisurfreport.blogspot.com/ for the full story and some great pics with his Go Pro camera (GP, am I up for royalties if I mention how well the pictures turned out, the incredible color, the comfort of the wrist strap and the handy size of the Go Pro on this blog? ;-)

The first pictures demonstrates how the key to stand up paddling is all in the technique.

Or if that fails, flash your boobs and men will let you pass them by as you cruise effortlessly (and in first place) to the finish line.

After arriving at an alarmingly fast pace to kite beach, due to the strong winds and laughs along the way, I hardly noticed paddling; it was time for a couple of cold ones. A bit of dutch courage to get me out on the kite and kick start my 40ft+jumping career. I'm always up for it after a few pints. I owe forward looping on a windsurfer purely and simply to beer, glorious beer.

And now I also owe it to beer for my broken board.

Oh well, I'll just have another beer :-)