Monday, August 27, 2007

Just Zip It

Trying to catch up with the posting vs activities here, and I'm loosing the battle right now! Oh well, plenty of material for that day when we don't do anything, to keep you guys happy.

Last weekend (we are running at least 1 week behind the activity schedule) we re-visited the very first hike that I did in Maui. The Commando Hike. I've been wanting to go back to the old stomping ground for years, and it finally came together with the usual suspects, bloody perfect!

It's a great hike, that starts by walking up a river to a lava tube. Pretty easy to navigate if there is not much water flow. Darian was adding to the water flow here.

And I enjoy a brief golden waterfall shower.

Once deep into the lava tubes it's pitch black, and that's where the games begin. Lets not forget who we are hiking with here! Darian and Steve took off in to the darkness and then successfully scared everyone by grabbing them in conveyor belt form. It was ridiculous, the scream interval was about 3 seconds apart, but they got everyone!

Out of the lava tubes and onto waterfall jumping. For the first jump, you have to first make it accross this rickety old bridge. Ulli sends everyone in order of weight, lighest first! Then assess the situation himself.

20 feet down, 100 feet to go, with a swim onto the next one, and not without the odd soggy guava fight in between.

The second waterfall always gives me a heart flutter. It's totally makeable, but just high enough to bring on the poopy pants if your the last one to jump. It's about 50 feet I think.

The 3rd and final waterfall is usually another jump. But Super D has been planning since the wee morning hours..... and it's time to set up a zip line! When asked "how safe do you think it is?" He replied "Err about 80%" - we didn't ask in which direction. We just sent him off first!

And it was bloody perfect. The man is an animal .... and so is his wife!!

What a blast we had coming down that zip line. It's kicked off a zip line frenzy, and orders are being place for longer ropes and better pulleys left and right with REI!

On the way out, a snail was on out the trail and looked hungry, so D found a dead worm and fed the lucky bugger his best meal in months!

We also came accross some crazy crossed banana tree. The bright pink fruit smells like banana but sure doesn't taste like it!

The hike out is beautiful with the huge eucaliptus trees towering overhead. With thoughts of steak and beer running through our heads, we picked up the pace and headed for home.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More Molokai

It's a distinct possibility that the friendly isle seemed like the hostile isle, because we were a large, rowdy and often drunken group that invaded this small island on masse. Who can blame um after examining the evidence from the first night?

Anyway after 10 cups of coffee and the remains of last nights Molokai bread, we headed out to get a taste of the island. Our first stop was Phallic Rock, could it really have been anywhere else????

Lisa gets lost in the excitement!

And Ulli becomes quickly attached!

With that under our belt (finar finar - for those that ever read Viz) we carried on to a trail that took us to the most beautiful views above the Lepar Colony on the north shore. We were not supposed hike this trail, as the inhabitants choose to keep the area private from visitors; but it's 2000 feet in 2.4 miles, so we figured there would not be too many one legged lepars chasing us out (OMG can I write that?!!).

This great sweaty workout took care of the hangover pretty quick.

Whilst some of the group went on to check out the deserted beach at the west side of the island. How romantic!

Others went back to the hotel, and plans were taking place to repay the fish under the car guy. Alarm clocks were gathered and stashed in various places of his hotel room, and were prepped to go off at 30 minute intervals starting at 3am. Ulli guards the devices, and takes his job very seriously. Outcome : 2 of 3 clocks worked, and someone was pissed ;-) even if it was not the intended victim it was totally worth it!

The next day was a bit of a late starter and we missed the opportunity to hike to the waterfalls in Halava Valley (next year!). Another lovely part of the island with great views.

This was followed by possibly the most exciting part of the trip, the ferry ride home. The seas were pretty choppy due to passing Hurricane Flossie, so we got launched, drenched and drunk on the way back. Cameras and all equipment had to be stowed for this wet trip, so no action shots unfortunately! Not sure if I'm about to get my first mouth full of ocean or beer in this one?!

Till next year, Cheers!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Molokai Madness Part 1 - Getting there

Last weekend we (attempted) to sail over to Molokai from Maui. The 30 mile down winder is not a problem ...... if there's wind! A group of about 20 of us signed up for the challenge, luckily 16 of them were kites, cos by the time the 4 windsurfers bobbed up and down through the channel, waiting for a rescue there was no more room in the boat for anyone else!!

First challenge of the day: Get 15 people, gear and 2 nights worth of clothing for all in one van, marvelous. Piece of piss.

It started out looking so good, there was even some tweaking going on to "flatten out" the sails to spill more wind! (que buzzer) WRONG!

With no boat or fellow windsurfer in sight, this white house was my target. Get to it and hitch down the coast I thought; an exciting adventure! I was even racing to try and get there before the boat could pick me up. Unfortunately, they knew what I was up to and a few minutes from the reef showed up to execute the semi-hostile rescue. Probably a good job; I didn't realise there was still 22 miles of coastline to hitch down, on an island with 10 cars!

Here's the true hero of the trip. Steve, who only really signed up last minute with his boat, was there to rescue us wind kooks whilst the kiters took off into the distance. What a guy!

There they go. I guess it's time to buy a kite!

Anyway, 4 hours later and everyone was safely at the hotel bar. Now the fun really begins! After a day in the sun and not enough water, we were all trashed after the first beer.

And it went downhill quickly. Girls gone wild Molokai!

Ulli digs around in the hotel trash (!) and finds our mascot. Who was aptly named "Todarian". As he perfectly blends Todd and Darian into a plastic action man figure.

You'll note the uncanny resemblence!

Anyway, following countless more beers and belly laughs, a trip to the local town pizzeria and bar, we ended the first night with a stop for Molokai bread. This involves walking down a deserted alley way in the town and knocking on a door. Money and bread exchange hands through the night, and here is the result!

It may not look so good, but its bloody delicious! 6 happy customers.

More adventures to follow on the (un) Friendly Isle in the next post!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Super D Sunday

I don't know too many people that are higher maintenance than me in the entertainment department, but fortunately there are some out there. Super D is at the top of the list, this 30 something kid cannot sit still for 10 seconds. Thank god I say, there is always adventure to look forward to!

Yesterday it was D's annual birthday beach bash, and true to form, it did not dissapoint.

Things kicked off pretty slow with a few back flips on the tramp for warm up.

But it quickly progressed after a few tasty cold beverages, to "girls on trampolines" from the man show Hawaii.

The highlight and a grand finale was Nova (8.5 months pregnant) giving birth mid splitz.

Our victim of the day (not meesh for once!) : a broken, dislocated nose that is popped back into place and a cold beer is quickly applied to the lips.

Next activity: Duct tape yourself to a boogie board and body drag behind a kite full speed down wind. Simply brilliant! Guess whose hand is up first to try.

Directions were as follows : when I get to you, grab the kite and just launch! There's no walking about with a boogie board strapped firmly to your arse.

Meanwhile back on the beach, pumping up the "sea biscuit" is a job for 2. Steve receives for a change as Shelly obliges. No pictures of the fun to follow unfortunately, but suffice to say that after being dragged at high speed behind the kite & Steve on the biscuit, the second jump we hit is still fresh in the mind, and the neck.

A pic from the archives is pulled for your reference.

Grill master Ulles flips burgers between his legs. He's been know to stick the flipper in his arse and flip a pancake 10 feet in the air, but looks like he didn't have enough beers for that trick yet.

Goofy and Skylar bounce into the evening hours.

Whilst D dives into the cake, face first (with a little help from Shelly).

And no party is complete these days without a round of Chubbie Bunnies. Super D goes for the title as he stuffs marshmallow number 18 into his cheeks.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Royal Piss Up

Why am I dressed as the late Queen Mother? Why is Shaz dressed like the Queen? Visit Shaz's blog for the full story