Thursday, September 28, 2006


Going through our my old emails the other day, I came across some "saved" ones with attachments. Luckily this was one of them. A few years old now, but still funny as hell! What a halloween party this was. We went to Ray's for a bender of a night. Hopefully he'll transform his home into a sub division of Ibiza again this year!

Monday, September 25, 2006


We are not religous, but need I say more, ...... here is our wave forecast for this week .....!!

"Outlook through Sunday Oct 1. A small northwest swell will arrive Wednesday. A larger northwest swell from former typhoon Yagi will produce surf on Friday approaching the 15 foot high surf advisory threshold for the north shore." Yeeeaaaahhh ....

Here's a photo from Jaws last year to wet your whistle! It won't be this big, but it will certainly be more than what we have had for the last few months on the north shore.

Monday, September 18, 2006


The south side was pumping out some decent waves yesterday, but the crowd was also pretty heavy. You sometimes got the feeling you weren't the only one on the wave.

For a taste of the action (if you have time to spare) check out GP's blog and his new toy.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Over the falls

A surfing term used when one eats it over the lip of the wave. There was quite a bit of this going on down in Hana last weekend. I think we'll put it down to fatigue, not poor technique.

Champion British body surfers Michelle & Ian take on the Hamoa "Lip"

Ian goes for the barrel, and not the beer variety

Unknown Unfortunate gets hammerd

GP - does he make it out the backdoor???

Michelle is still digging sand out of her ass from this one. A small beach break packing a powerful punch.

A view from the inside

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mad Dogs & Englishmen

Hana Relay Part 1 - the race

Sorry for the absence of posts lately, we've been busy in the fun department. Last weekend we had a blast running to Hana. The Hana relay takes place every year on Maui, and teams of 6 people gather to run from Kahului to Hana, this was the 35th annual race. Here are the stats (thanks to the free t-shirt we received detailing them) : 52 miles, 617 curves in the road, 56 bridges and this year 113 teams - 700 people! The Kenyans finished in 4 hours, 40 minutes. We were just slightly behind at 7 hours 6 minutes.

The Mad Dogs and Englishmen team proudly represented by a bunch on non running drunks, the worst offender being our team captain "Danny Keevil", managed to "pull it out of our arses" (almost literally see pics below) for the second year in a row. With the only training being last year's race, we were in fine form!!

Warming up or waking up? It's 6am and these muscles have not seen this much action since last year!

The Athletes benefitting from a nutritional beer

Danny brought his beer belly along for the ride

The essential items were stocked in the cooler, and easily at hand.

Having lost the baton before the start line last year, we were not about to make the same mistake again!

The Pink ladies were hot! Greg takes every opportunity to get together with the girls. Fancy dress is optional, and some teams really went to town!

As Ulli completes his leg, Danny takes on the toughest section of the race. 3.3 miles of uphill turns - Leg 13.

We were ready to administer CPR, but he didn't even puke!! Though he didn't look good for a while.

We finished 44th, not bad considering the source! We were too shagged to take any pictures at the finish line but we should have a group shot by the next post. Needless to say, none of us have been able to walk for days, and a flight of stairs is totally out of the question.

These are just the day's highlights. The eveing party deserves another post. For a preview check out Shazza's blog and stay tuned. We will get our shit together shortly!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Maui's Burning

Long weekend here and happy as shit about the short work week ahead, we took off to enjoy some waves on the south side. With everything packed on the "wave (not path) finder" we cruized over Maui style.

We heard about the brush fire burning on the south side, but didn't realise how bad it was until we arrived at the war scene from "nam".

We pulled over with all the other rubber neckers to check out the fine, free of charge, airshow. There were 8 choppers in all, including 2 double bladed big buggers and a black hawk, dumping water on the flames on the west maui mountains.

The little yellow dudes were nimble and were refilling their buckets from paddling pools at the foot of the moutains. There was often a traffic jam and some close calls! The big guys had to go all the way out to sea to pick up their tiny bucket of water, it was painful to watch the process for one tiny bucket of water!

In total about 4000 acres burned in 3 days. The fire dept are still out monitoring the hot spots..... but what a cool job!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Creature Feature

Whilst sitting at the computer the other day, this little booger crawled across my feet .... man did I freak out!

How did I catch him? With the emergency home centipede kit. Every Maui household should have one of these. An air pistol, BBQ tongues and my wife's bikini bottoms.